SOARD revealed
numerous unmet
needs in H. pylori

Discover SOARD’s real-world data on the complexity and burdens of H. pylori treatment1

Watch as Dr Colin Howden shares real-world insights from SOARD.a

Learn important takeaways from SOARD, including:

  • Most physicians typically choose a standard-of-care PPI-based triple therapy as first-line regimen
  • Complexity of current regimens can contribute to low patient adherence
  • Physicians and patients are not completely satisfied with current treatments

Get even more insights on the burden of H. pylori from HCPs and patients1:

eradication rates
eradication rates

Indicates percentage of physicians with a response of 6 or 7 on a 7-point scale that ranged from (1) completely disagree to (7) completely agree to the statement: “Increased eradication rates are the most important need in Helicobacter pylori management.”3

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  • SOARD (Study of Acid-Related Disorders, Perspectives From Physicians and Patients), a Phathom Pharmaceuticals–sponsored study that surveyed 251 physicians (102 gastroenterologists, 149 primary care physicians) and 77 patients with H. pylori infection with dyspepsia between November 2020 and April 2021. The survey captured physician and patient perspectives on symptoms, burden of disease, treatment goals, adherence, and satisfaction. A medical chart review was conducted for all patients. The differences in physician perception and patient experience of the disease have been analyzed, as well as patient demographics, clinical characteristics, and disease and treatment management. 


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